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Potty Training Boys

I am a working mother of five who had a limited amount of time (weekends only) to potty train my children.  After being told preschools would (help with potty training and not to stress out about it), I found myself faced with the realization my child would need to be accident free as well as independently use the restroom without any help from a teacher.  She would need to pull down her pants, sit on the toilet, pull up her pants and wash her hands in order to advance to the 3-year-old class.  This is where my nightmare began, each of my children had a different potty-training experience.


My oldest daughter was pee trained without any help on my part but would pass out from the fear of pooping on the toilet.  Her nightly tantrums requesting a diaper to poop in still haunt me.  My second child had gastro issues, we dealt with multiple “streaks” in his underwear daily.  I was informed he had sensory issues and didn’t feel the urge, leaky gut, gluten issues, constipation, low muscle tone- you name it, I was told he had it!  My third child was strong willed and refused to do anything I asked of her unless it was her idea.  I was told if she doesn’t show interest in potty-training to wait, she will eventually show interest.  That never happened and once again I was faced with the choice to take her out of preschool, take vacation time to train her, or hold her back in the baby class.

I believed from the bottom of my soul that I wasn’t alone, even though every mother I spoke to advised me on the method they used and told me how easy their experience was.  I was positive there had to be more help. I began to read every book on the market about potty training. I was shocked at the fact that many authors of several best sellers had only trained 1-3 children or interviewed parents and documented their experiences.  I ditched the "how to" books and became obsessed with learning the physical, physiological, and behavioral aspects of teaching a child a life skill.    

My findings were shocking, as they were the opposite of what every “how to” book taught.  Many children are fully aware of where the pee and poop are supposed to go but need help breaking the habit of using a diaper. 

After testing my techniques on over 100 children in my home, I decided to open Potty Training School with the goal of educating as many parents as I could, while making potty training fun for the child.  Potty Training School is now in its seventh year of business and has helped over 3,000 children become accident free in 48 hours or less with a success rate of over 97%. Our graduates are independent users of the toilet, confident with their bodies, and do not depend on an adult prompting them to use the bathroom.


In our class your child will learn about their bodies by playing a game (they usually think is fun and entertaining!) creating a familiarity and normalcy with pee and poop.  They will work on breaking the habit of peeing in their pants as their parents will learn techniques to deal with temper tantrums, refusal to use the toilet, night training, and regression. This knowledge will set the child up for success creating a desire within the child to want to succeed.

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